Being Human (2008)

This is just a small sample of the work done for the whole series.

Selection of DVD covers – although the production was able to use the origianl film titles, fonts were changed and clearable images used/created to replace the originals – all in the style of each original DVD cover.

The production, unable to use cleared images of Laurel & Hardy, for a DVD cover, inner disc, postcards and graphic on a breakaway plate, an original image was produced and used with final graphics.

This time…to safe time (& money!) istockphoto.com images were used to help create two ‘Hire’ DVD box covers.

Hospital poster and ID Badges

Magazine cover and insert – ‘puncture marks’ were added to the istockphoto.com image.

Book jackets and inserts.

One of a series of still images, used as a screen saver on a computer.