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We can't promise to solve every problem you might have, but we might have a cost effective solution for that tricky graphic or prop. Get in touch, always happy to offer what advice we can - and it's free!


33yrs of Experience33yrs of Experience

With 33 years working in Art Departments in Studio, on Location, Dramas, Comedy, Sci-Fi etc - we might have something in stock already that might fit the bill - and save your budget as well!


Open when neededOpen when needed

At design108 we understand productions arn't 9 to 5 - so we will always try to stay open when everyone else is closed! - we can't promise miracles though and we like to sleep too!!! - but we will try to be as flexible as possible to help you and your production.

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Based in Manchester at Space Studios, supplying graphics all over the country as well as to local customers in Manchester..
With over 25 year experience, working with Art Departments, design108 tries to offer the support Design teams need, usually working under pressure and limited resources.