Backcloths Prepared

Though we are unable to print the final backcloths, we can stitch together your photos, remove and correct any unwanted details and create the file ready for printing.

Your photos taken should be as high resolution as possbile, and the more photos covering the desired area the better – overlapping as much a possible.

We always advise that you have a test sample printed by whoever is to print the final cloth – so that any colour correction and softening can be made before the final large print is made.

Yard cloth for ‘Being Human’ – BBC 3, created from a limited number of supplied images, (where the photographer was unable to stand further away) – using these photos, an expanded cloth was created, inventing more width than was originally in the reference, to be viewed in the studio set though windows where the lower portion was obscured with patterned glass.

Again for ‘Being Human’ this time photos taken on different days, with different lighting conditions, were combined and balanced, with lamp post, drain pipe, and harsh shadows removed.

‘Come Rain or Shine’ – ITV Yorkshire – Using limited photo ref, more stories and width was added to create a cloth to cover all views through the set windows and doorway.

‘Come Rain or Shine’ – given only one photo, a much wider city scape was created – (seen through numerous different windows on set).

The Chase – ITV Yorkshire

Coronation Street – Rover’s Back Yard